Message your CRM records from your Aircall numbers

Connect SMS-Magic with your Aircall account to activate one-to-one, bulk, and automated messaging from your Aircall phone numbers. Communicate in sync with your CRM and in compliance with the privacy regulations.

Get SMS-Magic for your Aircall numbers in three simple steps:

  • Sign up for SMS-Magic from the Aircall website 
  • Authenticate the Aircall integration from your new SMS-Magic account 
  • Select the Aircall phone numbers you want to enable for messaging

That’s it! Your Aircall numbers are now connected with SMS-Magic for messaging.

Why SMS-Magic for Aircall

Message when you can’t call…from the same phone number.

Combine the power of calling and messaging from your existing Aircall phone numbers to drive timely and trusted engagement with your customers.

Catch missed calls

Automatically send a follow-up message to prospective and existing clients, candidates, or patients when you miss their calls.

Prevent engagement fatigue

Use messaging as a non-intrusive way of continuing the engagement after a recent phone call - for call summaries, satisfaction surveys or nurture campaigns.

Uphold brand trust and compliance

Maintain familiarity and build trust with customers by using your current Aircall phone numbers for texting to get higher message opens and responses..

Get advanced messaging features on your Aircall phone numbers.

Send messages in many ways

Reply one-on-one to incoming messages from a centralized inbox. Create workflows to trigger automated messages. Or schedule bulk messages in sync with your marketing campaigns.

Use messaging beyond SMS

Go multichannel by using your Aircall phone numbers to message your client, candidate, or patient on SMS as well as WhatsApp. And view both kinds of messages in a single thread.

Design message automation

Deploy an FAQ chatbot to handle inquiries from incoming calls. Trigger survey messages after a support ticket resolution call. Or simply qualify and save new phone call leads into your CRM.

Ensure tight security and compliance
Ensure tight security and compliance

Send messages using RSA 2048 encryption. Ensure messaging compliance with regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, TCPA, CCPA, CASL, and carrier policies for 10DLC and Toll-Free Numbers.

Send multimedia messages

Add emojis, short URLs, or locations in your messages. Attach images, videos, audio, documents, and various types of files to make messaging richer and more powerful.

Text from your dialing interface (coming soon)

Message your service recipients from your dialing window. Get rid of endless tab-hopping, searching for contact details, or manually typing activity updates into your systems.

Integrate messaging with your tech stack

Connect messaging with your Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, or other CRM and marketing automation systems. Send informed messages to the right contact at the right time.

Measure messaging performance

Track important organization-wide messaging statistics like total incoming and outgoing messages, delivery rates, response rates, opt-in and opt-out rates, and more.

Insights at a Glance: Analyze your messaging effectiveness with detailed analytics and drive your strategy to success.

Activate messaging on your Aircall phone numbers.