September Release 2022

With this release, users can now export a transcript of their conversations and also experience a new simplified signup flow for Zoho.

Export a transcript of your conversation

Users can now export a transcript of their conversations and download the same, making it convenient for them to share it with others or maintain a record of it. The conversations can be downloaded in PDF and TXT formats. Also in the conversations, customers can download the media files such as (images, video, pdf, audio, etc..). Click here to know more (Refer to the section Export a transcript of your conversation)

New Sign up flow for Zoho

In order to optimize the signup flow, we have given a single place from where customers can sign up for a free trial account for Zoho. For Zoho, now customers have 2 options to get a trial account:

  1. Install the SMS Magic App from the Zoho marketplace and sign up at SMS Magic Portal and follow the steps.
  2. Sign up for SMS Magic Trial Account for Zoho CRM, after signup connect via Zoho SSO login and then install the SMS Magic App from Zoho Market Place and complete the setup process. Follow the steps.

Click here to know more about Zoho Trial Account Sign up and setup steps.

Fall Release 2021

Help your audience to take the right action with our new URL Shortening and Tracking feature. Drive business outcomes while conversing with your customers and prospects in a simple and powerful way.

URL Shortening and Tracking feature enable you to drive conversions and brand awareness by embedding calls-to-action (CTAs) in your multichannel messages.  

URL Shortening and Tracking feature allow users to shorten and customize a URL thereby reducing the characters in the link and replacing randomly generated parameters with meaningful slash tags that encourage recipients from clicking on your links. You can also see and track total click counts against the shortened URLs.

Summer Release 2021


In this release, we have improved the overall UI of the Campaign and added new features to it. We have named the new version as Enhanced Campaign. 

Below are the newly added features in the Enhanced Campaign:

  1. Search Bar: To search campaigns on the go
  2. Single Page View: Gives you the details of all the campaigns in one view, which includes campaign message, media attached, and categorization of campaigns based on channel type.
  3. Adding Filters for your Search Result: Now you can select appropriate filters based on channel type, custom dates, and status of the campaign to find the exact campaign you are looking for.
  4. Edit and Delete option for Scheduled Campaigns: To edit a scheduled campaign you no longer need to unschedule it first, you can directly edit the campaign and update the changes. Similarly, if you want to delete a scheduled campaign you can directly delete it with a click.
  5. Validation of Contact Records: Validation of records is done automatically on the selection of a contact list, which allows you to know how many contacts in the list are there with the right phone number.
  6. Navigation Bar: To easily navigate to any step of campaign creation while editing the campaign.
  7. Mapping of Merge Fields: For the WhatsApp channel, you can easily map the merge fields without having to worry about any error caused to the templates while creating the campaign as the message box is uneditable.
  8. Compliance Settings: Ensures that user sends campaign to only opted-in numbers specifically for WhatsApp channel. For the SMS channel, the user is given an option to take care of the compliance as per their usage.

To know more about the Enhanced Campaign, click here.


Below are the improvements that we have added related to existing functionalities:

  1. Template V2 – This is the enhanced version of the template feature which includes newly added filters. Users can now easily filter all the templates created in the account by template type, channel, label, and more.
  2. SMS History Details – You can see the user name now i.e. who has sent the message in message details
  3. Zoho WhatsApp Consent Improvement – The users will see proper compliance messages with respect to WhatsApp Sender ID in the Zoho Bulk Send SMS interface.

Voice of the Customer Release 2021

Introducing the much-awaited WhatsApp Automation For Zoho. Now you can automate WhatsApp responses to new inquiries, meeting confirmations, follow-ups, and much more!

For more information on how to set up WhatsApp automation click here.

November 2020 Release

This article covers the major upgrades on the SMS-Magic Interact extension of Zoho CRM as a part of November 2020 Release.

Key Features

The November 2020 Release is focused mainly on the Converse Desk to help businesses establish a dialogue with their customers. We also have a new channel added to your communication options – WhatsApp!

Converse Desk

Converse Desk provides an intuitive, easy-to-use Inbox style user interface; making it simple for you to start one-on-one messaging with little or no training. Connect with your leads, contacts, and phone numbers in your custom modules without having to leave the Zoho CRM. The Converse Desk features intelligence that guides users to effectively manage and respond to any number of messaging conversations.

Key Converse Desk Features Include:

  1. Converse Desk in Zoho CRM – One-click access to launch conversation with customers from standard and custom modules within the Zoho environment.
  2. Multi-channel Support – Reach out to customers on the channel of their preference. Send text and media messages on both SMS and WhatsApp.
  3. User Friendly Inbox – The new and improved Inbox provides an intuitive interface to access messages, track conversations and quickly respond to messages. 
  4. Initiate Conversations with Your Zoho CRM Records – You no longer need to go to SMS-Magic Web Portal to send one-on-one messages. Now, you can send messages to Zoho CRM Leads, Contacts, and phone numbers in your custom modules directly from Zoho CRM.
  5. New Chat Window for Interactive Conversations – Converse with your customers in a familiar way; using the new chat window that mimics texting on your phone.
  6. Team Inboxes – Admin can monitor their teams’ conversations.
  7. Assign Customer Conversations to Team Members – Admin users can easily assign conversations to any team member.
Zoho release 2020

Communication over WhatsApp

Introducing WhatsApp support; a new channel for you to reach out to your customers from the SMS-Magic Web Portal.  Use the same familiar interface to message your customers in WhatsApp!

Establish Communication over WhatsApp:

  1. Record Your Customer Consents – Record your customer consent to reach out to them on WhatsApp.
  2. WhatsApp Conversations – With the same simplicity as SMS, you now can have one-to-one conversations with your customers on WhatsApp. Your customers can initiate conversations directly, or you can initiate conversations via a registered WhatsApp message template.
  3. Send Text or Media via WhatsApp – With WhatsApp, you can send text and media messages to your customers. And you can personalize your messages with emoticons too.

Functional enhancements

Bulk SMS to Custom List Views

Send SMS to Custom List Views – This feature allows you to send messages to more than 100 records at one time directly from Zoho CRM using the Custom List Views of the CRM modules.

Technical Enhancements

SSO to SMS-Magic Web Portal from Zoho CRM

No more Login screens!  Using Single Sign On, you will be able to directly navigate to the Send Bulk Messages user interface directly from the Zoho CRM when you click the Send SMS button. 

Removed Email Dependency for Sales Signal Notifications

An Email ID is no longer required in order to receive incoming message notifications for Sales Signal Notifications.

Related documentation

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