Unable to Install Package Owing to Insufficient Privileges

Issue Scenario

A user tries to install our package on his org and gets the error – “Unable to install due to insufficient privileges”.

Possible Causes

Salesforce has a restriction on the access level  a user should have before trying to install an app exchange package.


We recommend that a system admin user performs the installation.

Refer the Salesforce help document in the URL mentioned below that provides details on the access level that is required to install an app – https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=distribution_installing_packages.htm&type=5

Installation Failed: Error Message

Issue Scenario

User tries to install our package on his org and gets an “Installation failed” error.

Possible Causes

There can be multiple reasons for this issue. For example,

1.The user does not have appropriate access level for installing an app.

2.The Un-managed custom object tab already exists and the package upgrade cannot create another tab

3.Trying to install the application on the Professional Edition or an earlier version of Salesforce.


The possible solutions to resolve this issue is provided below:

1.Refer the Salesforce help document ( URL mentioned below) for details on the access level that is required to install an app – https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=distribution_installing_packages.htm&type=5

2.If you had created a tab for Message_Object_Config__c object in an older version and then tried to upgrade the customer to a latest version (1.50+), then you will get this error. In order to resolve it, do the following:

a. Under Setup, click Tabs and then click Delete next to the object name. The Salesforce tab is successfully removed.

b.Re-install the package .

3.Refer the URL mentioned below:

For all 1.50 and later versions you will need a streaming API access. Consult the Dev team if the issue remains unresolved.

Installation Failed Owing to IP Restriction

Issue Scenario

User tries to Install package and gets an IP restriction error.

Possible Causes

IPs may have been blacklisted.


IP whitelisting will resolve the issue. The following table provides a list of whitelisted IPs for the US and EU servers.

US Server EU Server