Managing Campaigns

Run SMS Marketing campaigns and track success rate from SMS Magic App. Below are key entry points to trigger SMS campaigns.

  1. Using Marketo
  2. Using Pardot
  3. Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  4. Using Salesforce Campaigns

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Setup automated messages and campaigns

Keyword based automation, Event based automation and Time based automation are all configurable with converse app for capturing business logic and reduced dependency on process builder .

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Install and Setup Converse

Quickly install SMS Magic converse from this link and follow below mandatory converse configuration steps to get started. Click Here for detailed setup instructions.

Mandatory Settings

Send Bulk Messages

Bulk messaging is inherent feature of our App and you can use it to trigger bulk campaigns and bulk messages through below Salesforces features.

  1. Using Salesforce list view
  2. Converse Campaign Manager
  3. Salesforce Campaigns
  4. Salesforce Reports

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Working as an Effective Team

Team working is possible on SMS Magic Converse App features such as conversation assignment, view related conversation, round robin assignment etc. Below are key use case to work as a effective team.

Team Specific Use cases How to Get Started
Sales How to Assign Conversations ?: Morgan figures out a salesforce queue with Rony’s help and he got ben and john included there and now he wants to assign conversations to queue Use the “Assign Conversations” feature to assign the single or bulk conversation to a queue or user
Sales  How to do Round-robin Assignment ?: Morgan has figured out that queue setup is taking time and he wants leads to be assigned in a round-robin fashion to agents Round robin and queue setup, both are configurable, contact at care@screen-magic.com
Service Canned Templates: Thomas is allowed to communicate to customers using canned responses only Canned responses use pre-defined templates, configure it in conversations sections in Settings
Marketing  Bulk Campaigns: Seema runs bulk campaigns to list of leads and nurture them with automation  Bulk SMS feature with trigger sources can fulfill this use-case
Marketing  Recurring Messaging: Seema uses the marketing plan to run SMS scheduled recurring campaigns across weeks Use the “Schedule” feature on Bulk SMS on the list, reports, salesforce campaigns & campaign manager 
General Related Conversations across Objects: John was working along with Thomas on one customer issue and he wants to see all communications to customer across salesforce org With “Related conversations” you can  pull up parent and siblings conversations 
General Templated Messaging: John wanted multiple predefined templates with merge fields  Set Object-specific templates and use information objects for cross objects merge fields 

Messaging Alerts/Notifications

Get notified of any new incoming message and reply on the go. Below are the key use cases to get started.

Team Specific Use cases How to Get Started
General Reply from Notifications: John wants to reply to incoming notifications and be proactive  Reply from email, utility bar, sidebar, browser notifications

Alerts/Notifications: John  wants to be notified of all incoming messages  Alerts/ notifications can be set on chatter, email, utility bar, sidebar, browser notifications & Salesforce bell icon 

Managing responses to Customers

With Converse Desk you can manage all your conversation at a go on one interface and customize it as per your business requirement. Below are the key use cases to get started with.

Team Specific Use cases How to Get Started
Sales  How to see all my Unread Conversations ?: Ben and John in Morgans team wants to act on unread messages  Use the “Unread conversation” filter for the sales team 
Sales How to View and Act on Multiple Conversations ?:Ben and John again want to manage multiple conversations at a go in a single window Click on “View Details” on each conversation opens it on a separate tab within the converse desk 
Service  Open Conversations:Thomas works to close cases and he wants to act on open cases conversations Use “Open Conversations” and “Close conversations”  filters in Desk 
Marketing  Automated Conversations: Seema got progressive profiling setup from Rony and now she wants to interact with users who have left out automation flow and are cold Use Global filter help to filter conversations based on “Converse apps” 
Sales, Service, Marketing Filtered Conversations: Teams want to act on custom inbox with their list of conversations only Custom Listview on Contact, Sales, Cases, Leads, Opportunity, Conversations object, and custom objects helps to create a custom inbox
General Multimedia Messaging: John wants to send images, videos, emojis, and templates for each conversation and use CRM actions (create a new lead, new case, new contact, etc.) to act right away within conversations  Images, Videos, Emojis, Templates (Primary and Cross Objects), CRM Actions are all supported in Desk with individual conversations threads
General Search Conversations: John searches usually conversations by phone number or name  Search conversations based on the mobile number and the name of the recipient

Check and respond incoming messages

Responding to incoming message through SMS Magic Solution is very flexible and provides you range of below listed options. You can click on alert and respond to the incoming with a click.

  • Converse Desk
  • Message Notification
  • Utility bar
  • Sidebar
  • Browser Notification
  • Chatter
  • Email
  • Tabular notification
  • Salesforce1 Mobile notification

To get started with Click Here

Send message to Contact

Quickly send SMS to your contact, Leads and Other Salesforce Custom object through SMS Magic Below Features :

  1. From Converse desk
  2. Through you can manage your conversation and engage with your prospects and customers. To get started Click Here

  3. From a Record detail page – Button
  4. Now you can be in touch with your prospects and customer all with in Salesforce record page. To get started with conversation on record detail page Click Here

  5. From Record detail page – Quick Action

  6. From Record detail page – Conversation View
  7. Conversation View lets see the contextual conversation with your contacts on record page and to get started Click Here

  8. From Lightning Utility Bar / Classic Sidebar
  9. Quickly responding to your prospects and customer leads to a success business and provides happy customer experience for your customer. With utility bar and sidebar you can be in touch with notification round the clock on Converse inbox. To get Started Click Here

  10. From Salesforce1 Mobile App
  11. Now quickly respond and engage with your prospects and customer on the go with Salesforce1 Mobile App. To get Started Click Here

  12. From Global Action for new message
  13. Schedule a message for sending
  14. Run your marketing campaigns or schedule your messages to your customers easly and enagage with them on conversation. To get Started Click Here

Checklist/ Prerequisite to trigger any SMS 

  1. Make sure your admin has configured objects on which you want to trigger SMS
  2. Make sure you have required permission sets and custom settings (Refer here for more details as per your use-case)
  3. You can trigger SMS from below-mentioned sources, choose one
  4. Mandatory inputs to trigger any SMS are recipients phone number, your sender Id and text message( text/media/templates)

Object Description

Object Name Description
Conversation_Recipient_Map__c This object contains the value of the Conversation lookup.
SenderId_Profile_Map__c This object contains the profile ID related to the sender ID of the user.
Error_Log__c This object stores the error log raised while using the Converse application.
AccessibleChannels__c This object contains the value whether MMS and SMS is enabled or not for user .
SMS_Batch_Execution_Tracker__c The object stores batch related information for Campaign.
Conversation_View_Setting__c Custom setting to filter the incoming and outgoing messages’ records based on user selection.
SMS_Magic_Package_Type__c This object stores the package type.
Converse_App__c This is the container object for driving the SMS usage through SMS-Magic in planned manner. The object gives an easy way to control and use SMS-Magic. The object also gives control on Template usage.
Converse_Desk_Recently_Used_Filters__c This object stores recently used listview filters or converse apps on converse desk.
Unrelated_Object_Config__c This object stores information about parent object.
SMS_Magic_Security_Setting__c This is SMS-Magic Security setting object. For storing the APP key, API key and user’s register status.
Object_Metadata_Config__c This object stores label of page or button created through Interact package.
Campaign Not part of package.
SMS_Magic_SetUp_Tracker__c This setting will hold the values of the steps that have been completed by the user.
global_settings__c A place to store all system wide custom settings used to configure behavior of SMS Magic Interact application
Incoming_SMS__c You can receive incoming sms to this number.
Keyword_Action_Config__c To be used in future.
License__c Stores information of a license whether a license is active or not.
Update_Related_Lists__c Update related lists of incoming and outgoing messages on lead conversion
Child_Object_Config__c To be used in future.
Object_Field_Config__c Stores field name to be used by Message Object Config object.
SMS_Template__c SMS Template is similar to Email template, it gives way to add personalization to bulk sms’ing.
Disable_Triggers_Execution__c This setting allows administrators to disable certain triggers on SMS Magic managed package.
Keyword_Action_Map__c Stores the keyword info for converse app action.
Converse_App_User_Map__c Stores the info of users assigned to converse app.
Action__c Stores the supported actions on conversation.
MMS_Detail__c Stores the MMS detail of Outgoing.
Incoming_MMS_Detail__c Stores the MMS detail of Incoming.
Message_Object_Config__c operator to be used to check if record is opted out
Action_Parameter__c Stores the parameter details for supported actions.
Converse_App_Action__c As Converse App is container of SMS activities like Bulk SMS, Automated SMS, We need a sub object which will be used to store the Activity instruction level details. E.g. Bulk for sub purpose A, B,C or An automation configurations for each of workflow rule.
Converse_Desk_User_Config__c This object will store information about which fields to be used to for showing conversation listing. This setting will be configurable per user.
Acknowledgement_Popup_Setting__c This setting is used to show or hide popup message on send sms button click of record detail page.
Keyword__c Stores the keyword info.
Converse_App_Task__c Stores the instance for converse app when bulk , single or automated messages are sent.
Converse_App_Template_Map__c For mapping templates with converse Apps
Action_Object__c Stores action supported for MOC objects.
Alpha_SenderID_Map__c Stores the return path of alpha numeric sender id.
smsMagic__c SMS-Magic object in Interact, This is basic Object which stores information about Outgoing SMS.
SMS_Magic_URL_Setting__c This is used for configuring sms magic interacts endpoints.
SMS_Schedule__c Stores the schedule for sending out messages.
Conversation_Related_Objects__c Stores the related object info of a conversation.
Conversation_Sender_Map__c Stores the sender id for conversations.
License_Management__c Stores the number of SMC licenses for org.
SMS_SenderId__c id of email template which should be used for notification
Conversation_Intent_Map__c Not part of package.
Conversation__c This object stores the conversations.

Admin Users

Object Field Editable Readable
Action_Object__c Action__c True True
Action_Object__c Object__c True True
Action_Parameter__c Action__c True True
Action_Parameter__c Object__c True True
Action_Parameter__c Action_Parameter__c True True
Action_Parameter__c Parameter_Type__c True True
Action_Parameter__c Parameter__c True True
Action__c Action_To_Perform__c True True
Action__c Action_Type__c True True
Action__c Description__c True True
Child_Object_Config__c Parent_Object_Id__c True True
Contact SMSOptOut__c True True
Conversation_Related_Objects__c Absolute_Field__c True True
Conversation_Related_Objects__c Conversation_Field__c True True
Conversation_Related_Objects__c Relative_Field__c True True
Conversation_Sender_Map__c SMS_SenderId__c True True
Conversation__c Contact__c True True
Conversation__c Converse_App_Action__c True True
Conversation__c Converse_App__c True True
Conversation__c Inbound_Number__c True True
Conversation__c Last_Incoming_Time__c True True
Conversation__c Last_Message_Direction__c True True
Conversation__c Last_Message_Time__c True True
Conversation__c Last_Outgoing_Time__c True True
Conversation__c Lead__c True True
Conversation__c Mobile_Number__c True True
Conversation__c Mode__c True True
Conversation__c New_Count__c True True
Conversation__c Object__c True True
Conversation__c Purpose__c True True
Conversation__c Sender__c True True
Conversation__c State__c True True
Conversation__c account__c True True
Conversation__c case__c True True
Conversation__c isUnread__c True True
Conversation__c opportunity__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c Automation_Key__c False True
Converse_App_Action__c End_Date__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c Fallback_SenderId__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c List_View_ID__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c Message_App_Trigger_Name__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c Message_App_Trigger__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c Message_Sequence__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c Message_Text__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c Purpose__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c Respect_Subscription_Setting__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c SMS_Schedule__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c SMS_Template__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c SenderIDSelectionCriteria__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c SenderIDSelectionType__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c Start_Date__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c Status__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c Task_Owner_Criteria__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c Template_Selection_Criteria__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c Template_Selection_Type__c True True
Converse_App_Action__c Trigger_URL__c True True
Converse_App_Task__c Contact__c True True
Converse_App_Task__c Converse_App_Action__c True True
Converse_App_Task__c ErrorMessages__c True True
Converse_App_Task__c Event_Id__c True True
Converse_App_Task__c Incoming_SMS__c True True
Converse_App_Task__c Lead__c True True
Converse_App_Task__c SMS_History__c True True
Converse_App_Task__c Status__c True True
Converse_App_Task__c Task_Id__c True True
Converse_App_Task__c Template__c True True
Converse_App_Template_Map__c Type__c True True
Converse_App_User_Map__c User__c True True
Converse_App__c Action_Count__c True True
Converse_App__c End_Date__c True True
Converse_App__c ErrorMessages__c True True
Converse_App__c ErrorState__c True True
Converse_App__c Object__c True True
Converse_App__c Owner__c True True
Converse_App__c PrimaryType__c True True
Converse_App__c Purpose__c True True
Converse_App__c Start_Date__c True True
Converse_App__c Status__c True True
Converse_Desk_Recently_Used_Filters__c Filter_ID__c True True
Converse_Desk_Recently_Used_Filters__c Filter_Object__c True True
Converse_Desk_Recently_Used_Filters__c User__c True True
Converse_Desk_User_Config__c Listing_Field__c True True
Converse_Desk_User_Config__c Template_Field__c True True
Converse_Desk_User_Config__c User__c True True
Error_Log__c Batch_Id__c True True
Error_Log__c Class_Name__c True True
Error_Log__c Error_Message__c True True
Error_Log__c Error_Status_Code__c True True
Error_Log__c Error_Type__c True True
Error_Log__c Fields__c True True
Error_Log__c Line_number__c True True
Error_Log__c Object__c True True
Error_Log__c User__c True True
Filter_Setting__c Field_Value__c True True
Incoming_Alert_Configuration__c isCustomize__c True True
Incoming_Alert_Configuration__c isDisable__c True True
Incoming_MMS_Detail__c MMS_Type__c True True
Incoming_MMS_Detail__c MMS_URL__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c Campaign__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c Case__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c Contact__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c Conversation__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c Converse_App_Action__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c Converse_App_Task__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c Converse_App__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c Favourite__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c Inbound_Number__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c Lead__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c MMS_Type__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c MMS_Url__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c Mobile_Number__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c Mobile_Number_without_ISD_Code__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c New__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c ObjectType__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c Quick_Reply_URL__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c SMS_Text__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c Sent_By__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c User__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c actionTaken__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c outgoing_sms__c True True
Incoming_SMS__c taskId__c True True
Keyword_Action_Config__c Field_To_Update__c True True
Keyword_Action_Config__c Keyword__c True True
Keyword_Action_Config__c Related_To__c True True
Keyword_Action_Config__c Value__c True True
Keyword_Action_Map__c Action_Type__c True True
Keyword_Action_Map__c Converse_App_Action__c True True
Keyword_Action_Map__c Keyword__c True True
LV_MMS_Detail__c MMS_Type__c True True
LV_MMS_Detail__c MMS_Url__c True True
Lead SMSOptOut__c True True
License__c Status__c True True
License__c User__c True True
List_View_Configuration__c Criteria_Logical_Condition__c True True
List_View_Configuration__c Custom_Logic__c True True
List_View_Configuration__c Expexted_SMS__c True True
List_View_Configuration__c Filter_Criteria__c True True
List_View_Configuration__c Filter_Fields__c True True
List_View_Configuration__c MMS_Subject__c True True
List_View_Configuration__c Object_Name__c True True
List_View_Configuration__c OptOut_Records__c True True
List_View_Configuration__c Optout_Field__c True True
List_View_Configuration__c Phone_Fields__c True True
List_View_Configuration__c Sender_Id__c True True
List_View_Configuration__c Template_Body__c True True
List_View_Configuration__c Template_Id__c True True
List_View_Configuration__c Total_Records__c True True
List_View_Configuration__c optOut_Check__c True True
List_View_Execution__c BatchJobId__c True True
List_View_Execution__c Expexted_SMS__c True True
List_View_Execution__c List_View_Configuration__c True True
List_View_Execution__c Messages_Delivered__c True True
List_View_Execution__c Messages_Processed__c True True
List_View_Execution__c Opt_Out_Records__c True True
List_View_Execution__c Optout_Field__c True True
List_View_Execution__c Phone_Fields__c True True
List_View_Execution__c SMS_Text__c True True
List_View_Execution__c Template_Name__c True True
List_View_Execution__c Time_Taken__c True True
List_View_Execution__c Total_Records__c True True
List_View_Execution__c status__c True True
MMS_Detail__c MMS_Type__c True True
MMS_Detail__c MMS_Url__c True True
Message_Action__c Action__c True True
Message_Action__c Case__c True True
Message_Action__c Incoming_SMS__c True True
Message_Action__c Lead__c True True
Message_Action__c SMS_History__c True True
Message_Object_Config__c Name_Field__c True True
Message_Object_Config__c Object_Name__c True True
Message_Object_Config__c Opt_Out_Field_Value__c True True
Message_Object_Config__c Opt_Out_Field__c True True
Message_Object_Config__c Opt_Out_Operator__c True True
Object_Field_Config__c Field_Name__c True True
Object_Field_Config__c Field_Purpose__c True True
Object_Field_Config__c Field_Type__c True True
Object_Field_Config__c Object_Message_Config__c True True
Object_Field_Config__c Unrelated_Object_Config__c True True
Object_Metadata_Config__c Metadata_Id__c True True
Object_Metadata_Config__c Metadata_Label__c True True
Object_Metadata_Config__c Metadata_Type__c True True
Object_Metadata_Config__c Parent_Object_Id__c True True
Optout_Settings__c Keyword__c True True
Optout_Settings__c Object_Name__c True True
Optout_Settings__c Optout_Field__c True True
SMS_Batch_Execution_Tracker__c Campaign__c True True
SMS_Batch_Execution_Tracker__c Execution_Status__c True True
SMS_Batch_Execution_Tracker__c Job_Id__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Campaign_Statuses__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Condition__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Date__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c End_Date__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Exclude_Phone_Json__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Failure_Reason__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Job_ID__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c List_View_Configuration__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Name_Field__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Object__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Optout_Field__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Phone_Field__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Record_Ids__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c SMS_Template__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c SMS_Text__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Schedule_JobId__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Schedule_Name__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Selected_Days_RecurWeek__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Selected_Months_RecurMonthly__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Selected_Months_RecurYearly__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Selected_User__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c SenderId__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Show_Other_Users__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Status__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Template_Id_Json__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Unrelated_Object_ID__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c Variable_Day_RecurDay__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c isOptout__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c isRecurring__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c recursTypeForDaily__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c recursTypeMonthly__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c recursTypeYearly__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c recursType__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c selectedDateForYear__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c selectedDayForMonth1__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c selectedDayForMonth2__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c selectedMonthForYear__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c selectedMonth__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c selectedWeekDayForYear__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c selectedWeekForMonth__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c selectedWeekForYear__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c variableMonth1__c True True
SMS_Schedule__c variableMonth2__c True True
SMS_SenderId__c Description__c True True
SMS_SenderId__c Email_Notification_Template__c True True
SMS_SenderId__c Label__c True True
SMS_Template_Type__c Related_Object_Types__c True True
SMS_Template__c Description__c True True
SMS_Template__c Name__c True True
SMS_Template__c ObjectName__c True True
SMS_Template__c Text__c True True
Scheduled_SMS__c MobilePhone__c True True
Scheduled_SMS__c ObjectId__c True True
Scheduled_SMS__c Object_Type__c True True
Scheduled_SMS__c Scheduled_Date__c True True
Scheduled_SMS__c smsText__c True True
SenderId_Profile_Map__c Default_SenderId__c False True
SenderId_Profile_Map__c Profile_Id__c True True
SenderId_Profile_Map__c Profile__c True True
SenderId_Profile_Map__c SenderId_Lookup__c True True
SenderId_Profile_Map__c Sender_Id__c True True
SenderId_Profile_Map__c User__c True True
Unrelated_Object_Config__c Parent_Object_Id__c True True
forward_config__c Keyword__c True True
forward_config__c forwardToEmail__c True True
forward_config__c forwardToMobilePhone__c True True
forward_config__c forwardToUser__c True True
forward_config__c methodName__c True True
incoming_lookup_config__c MobilePhoneField__c True True
incoming_lookup_config__c Notify_Record_Owner__c True True
incoming_lookup_config__c ReferenceField__c True True
incoming_lookup_config__c incoming_sms_owner__c True True
lookup_config__c lookupFound__c True True
lookup_config__c lookupNotFound__c True True
smsMagic__c Account__c True True
smsMagic__c Campaign__c True True
smsMagic__c Case__c True True
smsMagic__c Contact__c True True
smsMagic__c Conversation__c True True
smsMagic__c Converse_App_Action__c True True
smsMagic__c Converse_App_Task__c True True
smsMagic__c Converse_App__c True True
smsMagic__c Country__c True True
smsMagic__c CreatedOn__c True True
smsMagic__c Delivery_Error_Message__c True True
smsMagic__c Direction__c True True
smsMagic__c Favourite__c True True
smsMagic__c Is_Text_Unicode__c True True
smsMagic__c Lead__c True True
smsMagic__c MMS_Subject__c True True
smsMagic__c Message_Type__c True True
smsMagic__c Name__c True True
smsMagic__c New__c True True
smsMagic__c ObjectType__c True True
smsMagic__c Opportunity__c True True
smsMagic__c PhoneNumber__c True True
smsMagic__c Previous_Message__c True True
smsMagic__c SMSText__c True True
smsMagic__c SMS_Credits__c True True
smsMagic__c SMS_Template__c True True
smsMagic__c SenderId__c True True
smsMagic__c Sent_By__c True True
smsMagic__c Sent_On__c True True
smsMagic__c Source__c True True
smsMagic__c Status__c True True
smsMagic__c Type__c True True
smsMagic__c Unformatted_Phone_Number__c True True
smsMagic__c Use_Default_Sender__c True True
smsMagic__c User__c True True
smsMagic__c deliveryStatus__c True True
smsMagic__c disableSMSOnTrigger__c True True
smsMagic__c response__c True True
smsMagic__c sentStatus__c True True
smsMagic__c statusMessage__c True True

Converse Inbox Overview

The Converse Inbox feature helps the user to see and reply to new messages from the Salesforce platform. The user can configure the Salesforce platform to use the Converse Inbox feature for the Lightning Utility Bar in the Lightning Console and for the Classic Side Panelin Salesforce Classic. The Converse Inbox feature is a compact version of the Converse Desk with minimal functionality focusing on reading and replying to the unread and new messages.


Before using Converse Inbox, the following prerequisite is to be completed:

  • The application is version 1.54 and above.


By configuring the basic settings of the Salesforce Mobile App, you can use SMS-Magic Converse on Salesforce1 (SF1). You can use the Quick Start Wizard to enable the Converse Desk component  in the SF1 navigation menu.


Some of the prerequisites to do before using SMS-Magic Converse on Salesforce1 (SF1) are as follows:

  • The SMS-Magic application is version 1.52 or higher.
  • Configure basic settings of Salesforce Mobile App on the Salesforce platform.
  • Install the Salesforce1 (SF1) mobile application on the mobile.

Configure Basic Settings Of Salesforce Mobile AppThe user configures the basic settings of the Salesforce Mobile App so that:

  • All users can access Salesforce from supported mobile browsers.
  • Users can access the mobile version on the web browser.
  • User can receive incoming notifications on mobile devices.
Label API Name
Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.salesforce.chatter&hl=en
Iphone https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/salesforcea/id404249815?ls=1&mt=8

Configure Basic Settings on Salesforce1

To configure basic settings of Salesforce Mobile App:

  1. Click on the Salesforce navigation bar and then click Setup.
  2. Select Salesforce Mobile Quick Start by:
    • Using the Search Setup/Quick Find search field, or
    • Selecting Platform Tools > Apps > Mobile Apps > Salesforce > Salesforce Mobile Quick Start.
  3. Enable the mobile browser options.
  4. Enable the push notifications and in-app notifications.

Configure Mobile Browser Options on Salesforce1

    You can enable mobile browser options to access Salesforce from supported mobile browsers. Also, by enabling the mobile browser options the users can access the mobile version on the web browser.

    To Enable the Mobile Browser Options:

  1. Click on the Salesforce navigation bar and then click Setup.
  2. To enable the option:
    • Type Salesforce Settings in the Quick Find search field, or
    • Select Platform Tools > Apps > Mobile Apps > Salesforce > Salesforce Settings, or
    • Click Mobile Browser Options under the Security and Access Settings section on the Salesforce Mobile Setup page.
  3. Select Enable Salesforce mobile web under Mobile Browser App Settings on the Salesforce Settings page. The option is selected by default.

Enable Salesforce1 Notifications

    You can enable push notifications and in-app notifications in the Notification Options page so that users can receive incoming notifications on mobile devices.

    To Enable the Notification Options:

  1. Click on the Salesforce navigation bar and then click Setup.
  2. To enable the option:
    • Type Salesforce Notifications in the Quick Find search field, or
    • Select Platform Tools > Apps > Mobile Apps > Salesforce > Salesforce Notifications, or
    • Click Notifications Options under the Security and Access Settings section on the Salesforce Mobile Setup page.
  3. Select Enable inapp notifications and Enable push notifications under Notifications on the Salesforce Notifications page. The options are selected by default.