Send SMS

Installing the SMS-Magic Extension on Zoho CRM enables you to send SMS messages to your Leads and Contacts. You can send messages using a Send SMS button available on the List View of Leads and Contacts Modules, as shown in the figure.

You can also configure the Send SMS button on any other Module from which you wish to send messages. 

To add the Send SMS button as per your requirement, follow the steps below:

  1. In your Zoho CRM account, navigate to Setup > Customization > Modules and Fields. Go to the Modules tab and open the module in which you wish to add the Send SMS button. 
  1. Go to the Links and Buttons tab. The Send SMS button is already created for List View Page
  2. Click on the Create New Button
  1. Enter the details for creating the button:
    • Button Name: Name for the Send SMS button
    • Placement of Button: Choose the required location where you want to place the button. The valid options are –
      1. View Page: Button will be visible on the Details Page of each record.
  1. List View – Each Record: Button will be visible on each record on List View. If the button is not visible, please add the button on the Canvas of your module’s list view.
  1. List View – Mass Action Menu: Button will be available on the List View as a mass action menu, visible on selecting one or more records.
  1. Action: Choose Invoke a URL option 
  2. Sample URLs:

Note: This button will pick up the phone number stored in the Mobile field.

You can create a new URL for Custom Modules by navigating to Get Started > Configure > Button Configuration on SMS-Magic Portal

  1. Choose how you want the URL to open. A New Tab option is recommended.
  2. Click on the Save button

Bulk SMS to List

You need to update and install version 25.0 of SMS-Magic Interact package on Zoho CRM to send SMS/MMS messages to Custom List View of your Modules. Please follow the below steps to configure Bulk SMS to List Widget and Button:

  1. To avail this feature you need to update and install the SMS-Magic Interact package version 25.0.
  1. Once, the updates to the package are installed, please follow the below steps to install the Bulk SMS to List Widget:
    • On Zoho CRM, go to Settings > Developer Space > Widgets
    • Click on the Create New Widget
    • Enter the details, as shown below:

3. Create a Bulk SMS to List button on List View- Utility Menu for any module you wish to send Bulk SMS to List. Please follow the steps mentioned in the Send SMS section to create the custom button. You can enter the data as shown in the screenshot below:

4. Select Open a Widget option for the last question What action would you like the button to perform?

5. Click on the Install button as seen in the above screenshot

6. Once installed, Save the Custom Button. The Bulk SMS to List button will be visible in the selected module on the utility menu as seen in the below screenshot.

Module Configuration

You need to Configure Zoho CRM Modules to perform a Record Lookup on the Customer conversations that are newly created in Converse Desk.

Select the Zoho CRM Modules in the order you want to run the Lookup on the Mobile Number of the Conversation. By default, Leads and Contacts Module will be selected. You can change these modules and also add 3 more modules to the order.

When the Record Lookup is performed, the first matching record will be associated with the Conversation in Converse Desk. You should be able to see the Name of the Customer and the Module name on the conversation.

Converse Desk

Setup Converse Desk Web Tab

You need to update and install version 25.0 of the SMS-Magic Interact package on Zoho CRM to have one on one conversations with your customers from within the Zoho CRM.

Please follow the below steps to configure Converse Desk Web Tab in Zoho CRM:

  1. Once the updates to the package are installed, please follow the below steps to create Converse Desk Web Tab:
  2. On Zoho CRM, go to Setup > Customization > Modules and Fields
  3. In the Web Tabs page, click on the + New Tab button

4. Enter the details, as given below:

5. Click on the Save button

6. A Converse Desk Web Tab will be added to your Module list. Search for Converse Desk in Modules List and open it.

Browser Settings
If you are using Safari or Mozilla Firefox to access Zoho CRM, you can directly access Converse Desk on Zoho CRM. If you are using Google Chrome browser, perform the below steps to access Converse Desk Web Tab on Zoho CRM.
       a. On your Google Chrome Browser, Go to Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Cookies and other site data.

 b. Make sure your selection is either Allow all cookies / Block third-party cookies in Incognito / Block third-party cookies.

c. Scroll down to Sites that can always use cookies. Click on Add.
d. Based on the Data Center of Zoho CRM you use, enter
       i. [*.]zoho.com
       ii. [*.]zoho.eu
       iii. [*.]zoho.com.au

e. Check Including third-party cookies on this site.
f. Click on Add
 g. Restart your Browser.

  • If you have logged in to the SMS-Magic Web Portal before, Converse Desk will open automatically via SSO with Zoho CRM. If not, you will see the SMS-Magic Web Portal login screen. Login using Zoho CRM, and you will be able to view the Converse Desk.
  • If you are inactive for more than 2 hours on Converse Desk, your session will expire and you will be redirected to the login screen. Re-login to access the Converse Desk again.

Sender ID

Sender ID is the name or mobile number which appears on the mobile phone of a recipient when they receive an SMS message. SMS-Magic provides you the option to configure the Sender ID for your organization. 

Follow these steps to create a Sender ID:

  1. Admin User can view all the incoming numbers and Sender IDs by navigating to SMS-Services > My Sender IDs on the SMS-Magic Portal.
You will be required to provision incoming number or Sender IDs by contacting us at care@sms-magic.com.
  1. From the top menu in Zoho CRM, go to the SMS SenderID module 
  1. Click on the Create Sender ID button or + icon to create a new Sender ID. 
  1. Enter the SMS Sender ID Name for your reference and the Sender ID you want to use.
By default, a Sender ID is assigned to the current user and will be visible to the owner of the Sender ID. You can share the Sender ID record by setting sharing rules for a particular group or profile. See Data Sharing Rules to learn more about sharing records.
  1. Your Sender ID is now ready for use. Simply choose this Sender ID when composing a message.
  1. You should be able to view the Sender ID when sending an SMS message to Leads/Contacts or any other custom modules
There are some restrictions on Sender IDs in different countries. See Introduction > SMS Best Practices for using SMS messages to learn more.

Transfer SMS History from Leads to Contacts

On Lead Conversion, a lead gets converted to a Contact or Accounts or Deals. Users can map the Lead fields with those of the Contacts, Accounts or Deals, so that the details of the Leads such as Name, Mobile Number, Industry, etc., are transferred to the appropriate fields of these modules.

SMS-Magic Interact extension has Workflow Rules which are used to associate SMS History of Lead to Contacts upon lead conversion. By default, these rules are active. Please contact your Administrator to deactivate them.

Transferring SMS History from Leads to Contacts, on Lead Conversion, is achieved by these Workflows –

Smsmagic4__nzqqa: This Workflow Rule will work only when a Lead record is created or updated. Each record has a unique LeadIDCPY field which is basically Stores Lead Id in a field which on conversion to contact – is copied into contact.

Smsmagic4__vpwyo: This Workflow Rule will copy SMS History records from Lead to Contact on Lead conversion.

To transfer SMS History records to Converted Leads, perform the steps mentioned below:

  1. On Zoho CRM, click on Settings > Customization >  Modules and Fields
  2. Hover over on Lead Module, and click on the Ellipsis icon. Click on the Lead Conversion Mapping button.
  1. For LeadIDCPY field mapping, select LeadIDCPY from the dropdown for the contact module and click on the Save button.
  2. The above mentioned workflow rules will now transfer SMS History records to the newly created Contact on Lead Conversion.
LeadIDCPY value will be blank for existing records for old Zoho accounts and will not work if the record is edited. Lead conversion only works if a new Lead Record is created.

Message Template

SMS-Magic allows you to create SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp templates that can be used while sending Bulk, Single, or Automated message.

In templates, you can use variables that represent the object—such as name or address. These variables are also called merge fields or dynamic fields. While sending SMS messages, these variables would be auto-populated to their values. This provides you with a personalized touch when you connect with your Leads and Contacts in Zoho. You can personalize messages for custom modules in Zoho CRM.

Follow these steps to create an Message template:

  1. Open one of the below URLs based on the data center where you created your SMS-Magic account during Sign Up.
  2. Login using Zoho CRM. Select the relevant Zoho Data Center from the dropdown
  3. Go to Campaign > Message Templates from the top Navigation Bar 
  1. Click on the Create New button. You get 4 sections on this page
  • Basic Information
  • Used for Channels
  • Compose Message
  • Channel Specific Info
Create new message template