SMS Messaging Use Cases

SMS messaging is best learned by understanding the many and varied ways you can use it in business. The applications for SMS messaging are virtually limitless. All you need is a basic understanding of the power you can leverage across marketing, sales and service.  Along with a creative imagination to apply what others have done to your business.  Check out these use cases for your industry and other industries. Some of the best ideas come from outside your own markets!

General Business

11 Ways to Use Text Messaging for Marketing

Learn how to gain your customers’ trust and increase satisfaction with relevant text messages.

How to Use Text Messaging to Engage Customers

Learn how to use personal data to engage customers and reward buyer behavior with messaging.

Create Customer Loyalty with SMS Text Messaging

Grow your business with these six simple steps to increase customer loyalty with messaging.

7 Do’s and Don’ts for SMS Text Messaging

These best practices will accelerate your time-to-messaging with campaigns and interactions.


Text Messaging: A Recruiting Strategy to Reduce Time-to-Hire

Quickly filter candidates who match position requirements and prequalify them for faster placements, with SMS text messaging.

Use Texting to Convert Passive Candidates Into Active Candidates

Learn how you can start and nurture a conversation with passive candidates. Find out how to keep conversations going with text messaging.

How to Recruit More Millennials with Text Messaging

Here’s how you can build your employer brand, reduce time-to-hire, engage and nurture Millennial candidates with text messaging.

Staffing Agencies Place Candidates Faster with Messaging

Find out how to use messaging to easily meet sudden demand spikes, encourage candidates to fill timesheets and increase client satisfaction.


Go Digital to Recruit Students with Text Messaging

How messaging can help you share information with students, encourage them to schedule campus tours and respond to their questions fast.

Automate Student Applications with Text Messaging for Education

Create messages that guide students through the admissions process, from financial aid to housing, campus activities and class schedules.

Get Your Students’ Attention with Text Messaging for Higher Ed

Sending campus announcements and updates, event reminders and emergency announcements are all easy to do with messaging – here’s how.

3 Fundraising Strategies for Engaging Alumni via Text Messaging

Get to know your alumni and build a stronger relationship with them for your fundraising and other programs through SMS text messagin

Real Estate

Selling Home Buyers on Conversational Text Messaging

Learn how texting can help you automate a lot of your daily inquiries, serve your clients better and close more real estate deals.

Real Estate Agents Use Texting to Simplify Home Buying

Build your buyers’ profiles, schedule showings and send property alerts via text messaging to guide your clients through home buying.

Writing Effective Text Message Conversations for Home Buyers

Learn best practices for crafting the ideal text message. Craft messaging that integrates with your CRM to automate and reduce your workload.

Automating Real Estate Documentation with SMS Messaging

Simplify documentation processes with automated text messaging. Remind clients to supply information, sign a form, or provide feedback via texting

Financial Services

Use Text Messaging and Meet FINRA Regulatory Requirements

Clients text brokers all the time, but with advanced messaging you can continue the conversation over text message and comply with regulations.

3 Ways Text Messaging Simplifies the Loan Documentation Process

How automated messaging on workflows will remind your clients about the documents you need, at every stage of the loan documentation process.

Communicate Continuously with Clients in the Office or On the Go

Increase client responsiveness by using messaging via your Salesforece desk or mobile. Always know what’s relevant thanks to a 360 contextual history.


Use Conversational Text Messaging for Wellness Tips

Use conversational text messaging to share wellness tips for a powerful, simple way to show your clients you care about them.

Reach More Prospects with Personal Health Product Promotions

Text messaging makes it simple to reach out to clients and patients with personalized promotional offers for products, discounted services and more.

Improving Patient Communication with Text Messaging

Communicate about notifications and updates concerning lab work, new products and supplements or services becoming available and other important updates.

Convenient Healthcare Scheduling with SMS-Magic Text Messaging

Use messaging to set appointments, reschedule and remind patients about necessary documents to increase satisfaction.


Get Personal to Increase Donations with Text Messaging

Increase your success when it comes to fund-raising by engaging your donors in personalized conversations via SMS text messaging.

Using Text Messaging to Promote Events and Manage Meetings

Get more attendees to your promotional events with text messaging. With automated messaging, you’ll have more time to spend with your donors.

Ask Your Donors to Help You Fund Raise with Text Messaging

African nonprofit Grassroot Soccer cost-effectively reaches students in remote areas with messaging.

Product & Tech Sales

Get 6X the Prospect Conversations with Message Marketing

Companies who use SMS-Magic conversational text messaging as part of their marketing outreach attract six times the prospect conversations.

Convert 40% More Sales with Conversational Messaging

SMS-Magic text messaging ensures your sales team is the first to respond, and that you continue to respond in a relevant and high value fashion.

Capture Customer Loyalty with SMS-Magic Messaging

Your customers feel more appreciated and you resolve customer issues more effectively when your service agents use conversational messaging.

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