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Can a standard user sign up for a free trial and connect their Salesforce org?

No, standard users will not be able to sign up for a free trial and connect their SF org. Only users with admin rights can install and configure the SMS Magic Converse App and connect their Salesforce org to use all available features.

What is 10DLC?

10DLC stands for 10-digit long code, allowing businesses to send application-to-person text messages (A2P) using local long codes in the U.S.

Why is 10DLC required?

The U.S. mobile carriers require all businesses that send A2P messages on a 10DLC phone number to register their brand and campaign with a chosen campaign service provider. If a business decides not to register its brand and continues using its 10DLC phone number, it will eventually experience service disruption.

To whom does the 10DLC apply?

The 10DLC applies to U.S. businesses that send A2P traffic over long codes.

How to register for Screen Magic 10DLC?

The Screen Magic 10DLC requires businesses to register a campaign and brand (business name) to increase transparency regarding who is sending what. 

You can fill out this form by providing your campaign and brand details. 

What are the campaign use cases allowed?

Every brand has to submit campaign use cases. With these use cases, the brand has to submit the sample message content and other messaging attributes like opt-in, opt-out, support keywords, etc. Refer to this link for more information.

I am using the SMS-Magic product, but some other provider owns the numbers. What should be done in that case?

You need to contact your number provider. The 10DLC registration process needs to be completed by them. For more information, you can get in touch with us at care@sms-magic.com

I already have a few long code numbers, do I have to register myself for 10DLC?

You don’t need to buy new numbers if you already use long code numbers. By following the registration process, you can enable your existing numbers to use the new A2P 10DLC service.

How do long numbers, short codes, 10DLC, and toll-free numbers differ?

Short code is a 4 to 6-digit number used by businesses for global non-consumer (A2P) messaging. These are ideal for Enterprise level, large-scale, unlimited customer bases and are generally used for marketing blasts, one-time passwords, fraud alerts, and more. Ex.: 156762

10DLC – is the industry-led long code solution for non-consumer (A2P) messaging. These are ideal for localized, in-branch or in-store, smaller, segmented customer bases and are used for chat (text and voice), event-based interactions, service updates, and appointment reminders. Ex.: +1 415 123 2678

A toll-free number (8XX), which has been text-enabled, was available for voice calls. These are ideal for enterprise-level or localized, large-scale or in-branch, low messaging volumes, and used for customer service chat (text and voice) customer feedback, notifications, and updates. Ex.: 1 (800) 227-4567

Refer to this link to know more.

Do I need to register for 10DLC? If so, what’s the deadline?

Yes, We strongly recommend customers to complete the registration as soon as possible. You must re-register on time to minimize the impact of these fees. To know the registration steps, refer to this document.

What happens if I don’t register for 10DLC?

Increased message filtering and fees will apply to messages sent without registration. We also expect that at a future date, unregistered messaging to the US via long code numbers will cease to be supported altogether. Find out more about registration steps here.

What information is required for registration of 10DLC?

You will need to provide details about your business details and campaign use cases. The required info includes the business name, physical address, and business type (LLC, partnership, etc.). Find out more about the registration process here.

What are the typical steps for successful 10DLC registration?

Follow these steps to set up 10DLC for use with your 10DLC campaigns.

  • We register your businesses with TCR and help you to start submitting campaigns. 
  • We register your campaigns with key information based on the use case for each campaign.
  • We obtain your trust score and determine any carriers’ required throughput/ daily limit on messages
  • We establish your 10-digit long code with a new number or an existing one.

What are the fees associated with the A2P 10DLC service?

Refer to this page to understand the different prices and fees associated with the A2P 10DLC services.

1. Can I use SFDC Campaigns for sending bulk SMS?

Yes, SFDC campaigns can be used to send out bulk messages, but only through Contact and leads object.

2. How do I see who responded to my campaign(s)?

You can have a related list of Incoming SMS and SMS History object on the campaign module where the responses get attached and you can view the same on the respective campaign

3. Can I run drip campaigns?

Yes, you can run drip camapigns but as per the compliance settings.

4. Can I run a survey?

Yes, with the help of Converse Apps (which can be integrated with Salesforce Automation tool – process builder/ workflow), you can configure and run Surveys.

5.Can I pause & re-run a Campaign?

No, You cannot pause the campaign in between and rerun the camapign.

6. Can I reuse a campaign on a future date?

No, If you have already ran the campaign then you need to create a new one.
If the campaign is still scheduled for future and you need to change the date then that is possible.
Just need to edit the campaign and change the date,

7. Can I round-robin incoming SMS to my agents?

Yes, you can round-robin incoming SMS to your agents

8. Can I reassign messages if one of my agents is absent?

Yes, you can reassign the SMS conversations from the Converse Desk in Salesforce

9. How do I know what agents are online?

We have our agents available 24*5 on intercom. You can go to our official website and click on the message icon at the bottom right

10. Can my agents reply immediately from their mobile?

Yes. In order to send the replies from the mobile, use the mobile app, which is in its Beta stage and soon it will be available on the App store & Play store

11. How can I see results from different campaigns on the same set of contact records, separately?

You can create report in Salesforce on SMS History and filter the contact records with their statuses (which we enter at the time of shooting campaign) and in this way you will be able to see the responses received from all the contacts.

1. Where is your server/data centre located?

We have our application hosted at the U.S., Europe, and AU data centers. You can choose to host your data at either of these data centers.

1. What is the maximum number of characters I can use for one SMS?

You can send messages up to 700 characters with SMS-Magic. If you are sending long messages, corresponding credits will be deducted from your account. For example, if you are sending a message of 350 characters, three credits will be deducted.

Long messages are broken into multiple parts and are concatenated after they are delivered at the recipient’s mobile phone.

The maximum number of characters for one SMS depends on the selected language. For instance:

  • 160 characters for only English messages = 1 SMS credit.
  • 70 characters for Unicode messages = 1 SMS credit.

Extended Characters as per GSM

Following are the extended characters as per GSM standard and would consume 2 character count(length) for each:

£, ^, {, }, [, ~, ], €, LF (Line Feed), CR (Carriage Return)

1. Is there a GDPR certification?

No, currently there is no GDPR certification issued by the European Commission. Salesforce will be monitoring any certifications that are released after the GDPR becomes effective and will get certified, if it deems them to be appropriate.

2. What constitutes personal data?

GDPR aims to protect individual’s data that includes a wide range of personal identifiers including name, identification number, location data or online identifiers that reflect changes in technology and the way organisations collect information about people. In other words, all those identifiers that helps to identify an individual are included within the definition of ‘personal data’ for GDPR.

13. Can I do Custom Routing based on Keywords to my agents?

Yes, you can configure a custom SMS routing based on the Keywords using SMS-Magic

3. Do data processors need ‘explicit’ or ‘unambiguous’ data subject consent – and what is the difference?

Yes. The conditions for consent have been strengthened, as companies are no longer able to utilize long illegible terms and conditions full of legalese. The request for consent must be given in an intelligible and easily accessible form, with the purpose for data processing attached to that consent. This means that it must be unambiguous. Consent must be clear and distinguishable from other matters and provided in an intelligible and easily accessible form, using clear and plain language. It must be as easy to withdraw consent as it is to give it. Explicit consent is required only for processing sensitive personal data – in this context, nothing short of “opt-in” will suffice. However, for non-sensitive data, “unambiguous” consent will suffice.

2. Does SMS-Magic provide a call forwarding feature?

Yes, we do provide a call forwarding feature and there will be some additional charges for the same.

3. Is the link clickable in the SMS Template?

You can send links via sms. The messaging app on users device make it clickable and it depends upon “messaging app” on Android or iPhone.

14. Can I do Custom Routing based on Lead Source to route the incoming SMS?

Yes, you can do the custom routing based on the Lead source. You can create a process builder which will send SMS as the lead is created in the CRM.

4. Does SMS-Magic have an “Email to Text feature”?

Yes we do. You can reply to email alerts from your mailbox and it would go out as Text.

5. What all formats are supported for sending MMS?

Regarding sending MMS files following are the rules:

  1. Maximum Supported MMS Size (In KBs):500
  2. Supported File Formats :Animation:(gif), Audio:(amr, aac, x-hx-aac-adts), Others:(vcard, x-vcard), image:(jpg, jpeg, png, x-ms-bmp, bmp), video:(mp4).

6. Can I include Emoji in the SMS text?

Emoji support has not been standardized across carriers, as a result we cannot guarantee support for Emoji across all carriers

7. How credits are deducted per message?

It’s based on the text length, i.e. the number of characters in the text. If its 160 characters it will consume 1 SMS credit and so on.

Important Announcement!

URGENT! Please register the 10-digit business phone number (e.g. 555-555-5555) that your organization uses to send texts to consumers in the U.S. Failure to register may cause heavy penalties and disruption to all your text messaging communications.