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2. Does SMS-Magic provide a call forwarding feature?

Yes, we do provide a call forwarding feature and there will be some additional charges for the same.

3. Is the link clickable in the SMS Template?

You can send links via sms. The messaging app on users device make it clickable and it depends upon “messaging app” on Android or iPhone.

4. Does SMS-Magic have an “Email to Text feature”?

Yes we do. You can reply to email alerts from your mailbox and it would go out as Text.

5. What all formats are supported for sending MMS?

Regarding sending MMS files following are the rules:

  1. Maximum Supported MMS Size (In KBs):500
  2. Supported File Formats :Animation:(gif), Audio:(amr, aac, x-hx-aac-adts), Others:(vcard, x-vcard), image:(jpg, jpeg, png, x-ms-bmp, bmp), video:(mp4).

6. Can I include Emoji in the SMS text?

Emoji support has not been standardized across carriers, as a result we cannot guarantee support for Emoji across all carriers

7. How credits are deducted per message?

It’s based on the text length, i.e. the number of characters in the text. If its 160 characters it will consume 1 SMS credit and so on.

8. What is the limit of characters that can be used per message?

You can send messages up to 700 characters with SMS-Magic. If you are sending long messages, corresponding credits will be deducted from your account. For example, if you are sending a message of 350 characters, three credits will be deducted. Long messages are broken into multiple parts and are concatenated after they are delivered at the recipient’s mobile phone. The maximum number of characters for one SMS depends on the selected language. For instance: 160 characters for only English messages = 1 SMS credit. 70 characters for Unicode messages = 1 SMS credit.

9. Can we send messages to multiple countries?

Yes, you can send messages to multiple countries, however, you will need to make sure the country code is prefix to the mobile numbers. Credits will be deducted as per rates prevailing in the recipient countries.

10. What is sender ID? Can we use our company name as sender ID?

“Sender ID is the alpha-numeric name or number which appears on the mobile phone as the sender of a SMS (It is used to identify who’s sending the message to the recipient). Sender ID can be numeric (i.e. a Mobile Phone Number) or alphanumeric such as the name of your company.

SenderId restrictions for every country are different. Please find below restrictions for few countries: UK, Australia, Europe: SenderId can be configured as country name. Please note that sender ID has to be within 11 alphanumeric characters without any special characters.

USA: Sender Id is NOT configurable. You procure a Dedicated Incoming Number (DIN) or use our incoming numbers for sending messages. You can configure the incoming numbers as the Sender IDs and SMS sent will show this number as the Sender ID (standard US number eg +12147587469). India: 6 digit alpha senderID is configurable.”

11. Can we send pictures, links and pdf using messages?

Yes, you can send pictures, gif or links using SMS-Magic, however, attachments like pdf or any document cannot be sent. Currently, we provide MMS functionality for the U.S. and Australia only.

12. Can the recipients reply to our outgoing text? If yes, where can we see the Incoming messages?

Yes, recipients can reply to the outgoing SMS. For the same, you will need to procure an Incoming number from us. You can view all the responses:

  1. Salesforce: You can view all the responses under SMS History object with direction value as IN. You can also view the responses under the SMS History related list available on that particular record.
  2. ZOHO: You can view all responses on the SMS History module with direction value an IN or under SMS History related list available on a record layout. Additionally, all response gets logged in to the SMS-Magic portal as well under Campaign -> Responses tab.

13. Can we create templates for MMS?

As of now, MMS templates cannot be created.

14. If we ran out of SMS credits, is there an easy way to re-send those messages manually?

Yes, you can reach out to our Customer Success team to re-send your messages when you exhaust your SMS credits.

15. Is there a way to export a list of all incoming and outgoing messages sent in a period of time?

Yes, you can download the SMS logs i.e. outgoing and Incoming messages from SMS-Magic portal. If you are using ZOHO or Salesforce CRM, you can export SMS logs from the CRM as well.

16. How can we add SMS credits on our own if we have subscribed to the SMS-Magic app?

Following are the 2 ways to add SMS credits on your own if you have subscribed to the SMS-Magic app:

  1. You can top-up from the link: https://app.sms-magic.com/pricing/topup
  2. You can login to SMS-Magic portal -> click on Balance available on the top right corner.

17. Is it necessary to add country code? What is the standard mobile format to be followed for sending messages?

If you are sending messages to more than one country, it is required to set the country settings to ALL. It is also necessary to add the country code as a prefix to the mobile number.

The standard mobile format for sending messages is shown below –


Where 1 is the country code.

19. Do you store messages on your Server? Are you GDPR Compliant?

Yes, we have the data stored in one of the two servers i.e. U.S. or Ireland (for EU region). Yes, we are GDPR Compliant.

20. Can we automate messages? Can we schedule message?

Yes, automated messages can be configured with respect to different conditions and messages can be scheduled as well.

21. Can you integrate SMS-Magic with Pardot / Marketo?

Yes, SMS-Magic can be integrated with Pardot or Marketo. Please note only automated messages can be triggered in this case.

22. What is the difference between long code & short code?

Long codes, as the name implies, are long telephone numbers which can be up to 16 digits in length but are usually the length of a standard telephone number. Long numbers are cheaper to use than short codes and allow you to receive replies from the recipients. A shortcode is a memorable number between 3 and 7 digits in length. They are ideal for marketing campaigns and promotions where you want people to remember your number. Short codes are country specific.

23. Does SMS-Magic Integrate with Salesforce 1?

Yes, SMS-Magic Converse can be integrated with Salesforce1.

24. Can we send Images & Videos & what is the size limit ?

Yes, images/ gif as well as Videos can be sent through SMS-Magic.

Maximum Supported MMS Size (In KBs):5000

Supported File Formats: Animation:(Gif), Application:(pdf), Audio:(AMR), image:(JPG, PNG, JPEG, VCF), video:(MP4)

25. Can I use my Mobile Number for Texting ?

Yes, you can use your mobile number for texting

26. Does SMS-Magic work with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud?

Yes, SMS-Magic works with Sales and Service Cloud.

27. Does the DND List effect the Texting functionality?

This will be country specific e.g. In India you cannot send promotional messages to DND activated numbers.

28. Can I mask my number while sending messages?

No, number masking is not possible. Also, senderID restriction differs from country to country.

29. Will messages be updated real time in Converse Desk?

Yes, messages will be updated real time in Converse Desk.

30. Can we do mass texting through converse Desk.

As of now, mass texting or bulk messaging can’t be done from Converse Desk

31. Is you App release inline to Salesforce Releases?

Yes, our App is certified on each of Salesforce (Winter, Spring, and Summer) releases but we follow our own quarterly release cycle. More details can be found on our Doc Center Release Notes.

32. Can you provide data architecture Diagram?

Yes, we can provide data architecture diagram on case to case basis. Please write us on sales@sms-magic.com.

34. Will enable VOIP carrier work with SMS-Magic ?

VOIP, toll-free, google voice numbers can be text enabled for US only as of now.

35. Do you have number cleaning services to find out if the number is a mobile number or a landline ?

No, as of now we do not have number cleaning services to find if the number is a mobile number or a landline

36. Who are your current customers?

Our customers are spread across the Globe and are part of different industries (real estate, health care, finance, education, no-profit etc).

37. Can I run reports?

Yes. You can use the Salesforce standard report functionality to create different reports as per the requirement.

38. Does SMS-Magic work with Salesforce Campaigns?

Yes. You can start an SMS Campaign with the help of Run SMS Campaign button available on the Campaign Page layout. However, note that you can send messages to Leads and Contacts only. The campaign reach is limited to upto 50k records at a time.

39. Can I do appointment reminders?

Yes, you can configure appointment reminder messages. For example, you can send reminder message one day or one hour before the appointment.

40. Can I run surveys using SMS-Magic?

Yes, with the help of Converse Apps (which can be integrated with Salesforce Automation tool – process builder/ workflow), you can configure and run Surveys.

41. Can you automate messages on Keywords?

Yes, automated messages can be triggered based on keyword.

Important Announcement!

URGENT! Please register the 10-digit business phone number (e.g. 555-555-5555) that your organization uses to send texts to consumers in the U.S. Failure to register may cause heavy penalties and disruption to all your text messaging communications.