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Admin Guide

This is a detailed product guide of SMS-Magic Spring 2021 for admin users.

  • Introduction (1 Article)

    The Administrator guide is the primary resource that system administrators use to learn about the concepts and high-level steps for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting SMS-Magic Converse Application.

  • App Navigation (4 Articles)

    App Navigation allows you to interact with all of your application modules from a single interface. All the horizontal navigation tabs are now available in simplified vertically arranged navigation.

  • Pre-Installation Tasks for SMS-Magic Converse (6 Articles)

    You must complete the pre-installation process to ensure that your Salesforce environment is ready for the installation of the SMS-Magic Converse App.

  • Install and Register SMS-Magic Converse (4 Articles)

    This section describes how to install SMS-Magic Converse in your Salesforce environment.

  • Converse Settings (19 Articles)

    We have taken the liberty and prepared a few easy-to-follow steps to begin configuration and sending your first message.

  • Configure Run SMS Campaign Button (3 Articles)

    This document will help you understand how to configure the Run SMS Campaign button and run an SMS Message Campaign. Also, you will learn about how to have multiple leads and contacts available within the contact list to run an SMS campaign and send SMS to different leads and contacts.

  • Configure Converse Inbox (3 Articles)

    This section helps you configure Converse Inbox on your Utility bar in Lightning or Classic side Panel in the Classic version.

  • Configure Custom Inbox (1 Article)
  • Configure SMS Button (3 Articles)

    This section helps you configure Send SMS and Bulk SMS Buttons on Object Page and List View Layouts.

  • Configure Conversations/Conversations View (2 Articles)

    The ‘Conversations’ component in SMS-Magic Converse allows you to see the record-specific conversation details in a single view under record detail page view. Another component, ‘Conversations View’ allows you to see all conversations of all record in a single page.

    This document covers the steps to configure ‘Conversations’, and ‘Conversations View’ components at record level on Lightning and Classic.

  • Configure Consent Details View (2 Articles)

    If you have the compliance configurations, all the consents will be recorded under consents object. You can then configure a consents view at record level page to view record specific consent and latest updates.

    This document covers the steps to configure consent details view at record level on Lightning and Classic.

  • Setup Converse Apps (7 Articles)

    This section helps you create Converse Apps for different types of campaigns such as Drip Campaign, Surveys, Double-Opt-In(s), Event Reminders, and other types.

  • WhatsApp Messaging with SMS-Magic (12 Articles)
  • Facebook Messaging with SMS-Magic (14 Articles)
  • LINE Messaging with SMS-Magic (14 Articles)
  • Messaging with Experience Cloud (8 Articles)
  • URL Shortening and Tracking (6 Articles)

    The URL Shortening and Tracking feature allow admin to shorten a URL thereby reducing the characters in the link and hiding the parameters which deter recipients from clicking on the link.

  • Configure Campaign Manager (7 Articles)

    This section helps you create campaigns using stand-alone templates or even associate pre-designed apps, designed in the Converse Apps.

  • Setup SMS Automation for your Business Process (7 Articles)

    This section helps you automate your message with a few simple clicks.

  • Configure Email To Text (11 Articles)

    This section helps you set up an organization-wide email service that routes the replies to notifications received from Salesforce email service without logging in to the Salesforce platform.

  • Analytics Dashboards - Compliance and Agent productivity (6 Articles)
  • SMS-Magic Converse on Salesforce1 (6 Articles)

    This section helps you configure the basic settings of the Salesforce Mobile App.

  • SMS-Magic Converse on Gmail & Outlook (2 Articles)
  • Troubleshooting SMS-Magic Converse Errors (24 Articles)

    This section provides troubleshooting information about SMS-Magic Converse installation and configuration issues and provides solutions.

  • Appendix A - Permissions (4 Articles)

    This section provides a list of SMS-Magic Converse objects and related fields along with permission details. These are categorized under separate headings.

  • Appendix B - Objects and Field Names (4 Articles)

    This section provides a list of objects and field names. These are categorized under separate headings.

  • Appendix C (5 Articles)

    This section provides examples of compliance flows.

  • Old Versions Admin Guides (8 Articles)

2 Articles


Important Announcement!

URGENT! Please register the 10-digit business phone number (e.g. 555-555-5555) that your organization uses to send texts to consumers in the U.S. Failure to register may cause heavy penalties and disruption to all your text messaging communications.