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Message Delivery


1. What is the maximum number of characters I can use for one SMS?

You can send messages up to 700 characters with SMS-Magic. If you are sending long messages, corresponding credits will be deducted from your account. For example, if you are sending a message of 350 characters, three credits will be deducted.

Long messages are broken into multiple parts and are concatenated after they are delivered at the recipient’s mobile phone.

The maximum number of characters for one SMS depends on the selected language. For instance:

  • 160 characters for only English messages = 1 SMS credit.
  • 70 characters for Unicode messages = 1 SMS credit.

Extended Characters as per GSM

Following are the extended characters as per GSM standard and would consume 2 character count(length) for each:

£, ^, {, }, [, ~, ], €, LF (Line Feed), CR (Carriage Return)

2. Which character is considered as Unicode?

Using the characters from the following list of ASCII characters are treated as GSM (i.e. Normal):

  • a-z
  • A-Z
  • 0-9
  • ~!@#$%^&*()-_=+][?<>,’.”:/\{}

Any other characters is treated as a Unicode (e.g. £). Therefore, if your message contains even a single unicode character then the message is treated as a unicode message and charged accordingly.

3. Can I use the same Sender ID across the globe?

The use of the same Sender ID might vary, based on compliance and regulations of the country where the messages are being sent. We provide global UK virtual numbers for you to use in sending your messages.

4. Can we reschedule a pre-scheduled SMS using SMS-Magic?

Yes, you can reschedule a pre-scheduled SMS. Just open the SMS details and change the time and date. Then click Schedule.

5. How do I get to know whether the number to which I am sending the message is a mobile number or a landline number?

Number lookup service can be used to validate numbers. Currently, we don’t have native integrations on Salesforce but the same can be enabled on request.

6. What are the different scenarios when my message would fail to/not be delivered? What are the delivery failure issues that could happen?

Following are the different scenario when the delivery of your messages would fail:

  • Number is Invalid and Not Specified in Correct Format – To avoid delivery failures we recommend keeping mobile numbers in the international format. For instance, within the UK the numbers you start with a 0 when calling or SMS (i.e. 01509 813888). However, for an international call or SMS to the UK you need to add the prefix (44) and remove the leading 0 (i.e. +44 1509 813888).
  • Carrier Spam Filters – Most carriers prefer to use regulations to control the flow of spam. In developing markets, however, technology is used to filter out unwanted texts and velocity. These filters, however, are not perfect and can lead to filtering out legitimate SMS traffic, as well. Some filters even send back a fake handset delivery confirmation. You think your message is delivered, but it is not. Furthermore, filter technology is in constant evolution, and associated algorithms change constantly. Keeping a track of which carriers filter and how, is a complex task.
  • Invalid Sender-ID – Frequently seen when trying to use non-authorized Sender ID in North America, where a long virtual number or short code is required.

7. What does “Rejected” Delivery status mean?

When the message delivery status is displayed as “Rejected”, it means that the messages are not delivered by the carriers due to Number Blockage or Velocity Block of Numbers. Most carriers prefer to use regulations to control the flow of spam. In developing markets, however, technology is used to filter out unwanted texts and velocity. These filters will send back a “Rejected” status if the message is undelivered due to Spam Filtering.

8. My Sender-ID is blocked by the carrier, how can I overcome this?

Carriers might block your sender ID temporarily or permanently.

  • Permanent block – You cannot use the Sender-ID as it is blocked permanently. You need to use a new number to send messages.
  • Temporary block – Your Sender-ID is restricted from sending messages for a few hours for not complying with the telecom regulations of a country. Once the block is lifted you can send messages again.

9. Can we bring in our own vendors?

If the vendor fulfils our on-boarding criteria then we can integrate it with our application. Presently, we can integrate with all major vendors.

10. Can I send SMS messages to DND activated numbers?

Depending on the country’s telecom compliance and regulations certain type of messages can be sent to DND activated numbers. For example, in India, you can send transactional messages to DND numbers but not promotional messages. To send transactional messages, you need to use a registered template and Sender ID.

11. What is your delivery rate for my country?

Our SLA promises a 90%+ delivery rate. If your delivery rate is below this, you can switch your carrier, for a higher delivery rate.

12. How much time does it usually take to deliver an SMS?

Messages are mostly delivered instantly.

13. Can I send special characters in my SMS messages?

Yes, you can send special characters in your messages, for example, Emojis, Non-English characters. This constitutes a Unicode message. Every 70 Unicode characters is equivalent to 1 SMS credit.

14. Is there a limit on how many SMS messages I can send with your application?

There is no limit on the number of texts you can send with SMS-Magic. However, you need to be careful while sending SMS messages in bulk on long codes. Carriers can block your Sender ID in case you cross a threshold limit, which is more than 10 messages a minute.

15. How many SMS messages can I send with a long code in the U.S.?

In the U.S., most carriers support 10 messages a minute. To send messages at a higher speed, we recommend you use multiple numbers instead of using a single number or leverage Short Code for the U.S.

16. How will you notify us when we get an incoming text?

We can notify you over email or SMS whenever you receive an incoming SMS in Salesforce. While setting up an alert on an incoming SMS, you can also specify to whom you want to send a notification. For example, if you send a text to one of your Lead records then you can define whether you would like to notify the owner of the Lead record or last sender of outgoing message.

17. When someone calls on my incoming number, what happens to those calls?

You have two choices:

  • Bring Your Own Number (USA) – Register the number with carriers, to use it as a Sender ID.
  • Missed Call on Special Number – The carrier provides a special number where a customer gives a missed call. This number only receives missed calls. You can then send required details via SMS to customers, in response to their missed call.

18. What is a shared long code?

A long code that you share with another company is a shared long code. Both of you will be receiving incoming messages on the same number. We will differentiate responses based on keywords and send you the responses that have come for you.

19. What is the difference between transactional and promotional SMS messages?

Transactional messages have information about your services for customers who are already using them, like bank account balance updates. Promotional messages are ones that promote your brand, such as offers.

20. Do we get a country wise SMS summary every month?

You can view country wise summary by downloading reports from SMS History. We don’t send a country wise SMS summary on email.

21. Do you support API integrations?

Yes, we do support API integrations. You can read more about our API Docs here.

22. Is SMS-Magic secure and private?

Yes. Your data with SMS-Magic is fully secure and private. You can read about Security and Privacy here.

23. How are Credits deducted per message ?

  • 1 SMS credit is deducted for every SMS within 160 English characters.
  • Messages sent in non-English languages have a different length i.e. for Unicode messages, it is 70 characters per credit.

Messages with a character length of more than 160 characters are considered as long messages and 1 SMS credit is credited for every 153 characters.

24. Can we send pictures, links and pdf using messages?

Yes, you can send pictures, gif or links using SMS-Magic. However, attachments like pdf or any other document type cannot be sent. Currently, we provide MMS functionality for the U.S. and Australia only.

25. Can we use hyperlink in text body?

URLs in plain text work but creating a hyperlink like emails / rich text are not supported.

26. Is there any easy way to manually re-send messages if we exhaust our SMS credits?

Reach out to our Customer Success team to re-send your messages when you exhaust your SMS credits.

27. Can we automate and schedule messages?

Yes, you can configure automated messages with respect to different conditions. You can also schedule messages.

28. How does Bulk Texting Work? What is the Limit for bulk texting?

You can perform bulk texting in different ways while working on varied platforms:


There are three ways for Bulk/Mass texting:

  • Use Send Bulk SMS button available on the object’s List view. With this button, you can send messages to upto 200 records in one go.
  • Use the Campaign object belonging to Salesforce. We provide Bulk SMS button on Campaign which works for classic as well as Lightning. You can only send messages to Leads and Contacts as Salesforce allows only these two objects to be added as Campaign Member. You can reach out to 50k records in one go.
  • Use Bulk Campaign option provided with Converse Apps to send bulk messages from any object.


In Zoho, we provide Send Bulk SMS button on module’s list view from where you can send messages to 100 records simultaneously.

SMS-Magic Portal

We also provide the feature of running campaigns from SMS-Magic portal by uploading the CSV file.

29. Can you integrate SMS-Magic with Pardot / Marketo?

Yes, SMS-Magic can be integrated with Pardot or Marketo. Please note only automated messages can be triggered in this case.

30. What is the difference between long code & short code?

Long Code

Long numbers, as the name implies, are long telephone numbers which can be up to 16 digits in length but are usually the length of a standard telephone number. Long numbers are cheaper to use than short codes and allow you to receive replies from the recipients.

Short Code

A shortcode is a memorable number between 3 and 7 digits in length. They are ideal for marketing campaigns and promotions where you want people to remember your number. Short codes are country specific.

31. Does SMS-Magic integrate with Salesforce1?

Yes, SMS-Magic Converse can be integrated with Salesforce1.

32. Can we send Images & Videos? What is the ideal size limit?

Yes, images/ gif as well as Videos can be sent through SMS-Magic.

  • Maximum Supported MMS Size (In KBs):5000
  • Supported File Formats: Animation:(Gif), Application:(pdf), Audio:(AMR), image:(JPG, PNG, JPEG, VCF), video:(MP4)

33. How will SMS-Magic Handle Compliance i.e, Opt in / Opt Out?

Opt-In compliance 

If the compliance is Opt-In, you can only reach out to your recipients via SMS if you received their consent for sending text messages and if the Opt-In field in that record is true.

Opt-out compliance 

By default, we provide the SMS Opt – out field on Lead and contact object. You can add the opt-out disclaimer message at the end of the message body and setup up an automation process which would automatically check the SMS Opt-out field present on the record whenever there is a reply with opt-out keyword.

We also have Opt-out functionality on SMS-Magic portal where you can configure the opt-out keyword.

34. How does notification on Incoming Messages Work?

We provide the following notifications for Incoming message:

  • Email notifications can be activated for Last sender or User to whom senderID is assigned.
  • Browser notification.
  • Creation of task under Activity History on receiving response.

35. Does the DNC List effect the Texting functionality?

This will be country specific e.g. In India you cannot send promotional messages to DND activated numbers.

37. Will you enable VOIP carrier to work with SMS-Magic?

VOIP, toll-free, Google voice numbers can be text enabled only for the U.S., as of now.

38. Do you have number cleaning services to find if the number is mobile or landline?


39. Who are your current customers?

Our customers are spread across the Globe and are part of different industries (real estate, health care, finance, education, non-profit etc).

40. Can I run reports?

Yes. You can use the Salesforce standard report functionality to create different reports as per the requirement.

Important Announcement!

URGENT! Please register the 10-digit business phone number (e.g. 555-555-5555) that your organization uses to send texts to consumers in the U.S. Failure to register may cause heavy penalties and disruption to all your text messaging communications.