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1. What do I get with the Start plan ?

The Start Plan for Salesforce CRM includes 2916 SMS Credits, 1 Sender ID and 1 Basic user license for USA Annual Plan.

The Start Plan for Zoho CRM includes 1000 SMS Credits, 1 Sender ID and 1 user license for USA Annual Plan.

Benefits change as per the plan and billing period.

You can buy additional basic licenses to increase users, phone lines and message credits to expand the Start plan.

2. What do I get with the Grow plan ?

The Grow Plan includes 5916 SMS Credits, 3 sender IDs and 3 Power user licenses for USA Annual Plan. Benefits change as per the plan name and billing period.

You can buy additional power licenses to increase users, phone lines and message credits to expand the Grow plan.

3. What are phone lines and long codes?

Phone lines and long codes are different names used for the numbers on which you receive and send messages. Phone lines and long codes are specific to countries. If you are messaging to and from different countries, you will need to have different numbers for each country.

4. What are the different types of licenses that can be purchased ?

There are 2 types of licenses that you can purchase.

First, a plan must be purchased (Start or Grow) to be eligible to purchase individual additional licenses.

Following are the two types of licenses:

  1. Basic User License – By default 1 basic user licenses will be available on purchase of a Start plan. You can purchase additional licenses if required.
  2. Power User License – By default 3 power user licenses will be available on purchase of a Grow plan. You can purchase additional licenses if required.

Note that currently either you can purchase Basic or Power User License based on your plan.

5. Does automation have a cost?

Automation is an inherent capability of all SMS-Magic conversational text messaging solutions. It is included in all pricing plans.

6. What is the difference between Basic and Power User licenses?

SMS-Magic Basic & Power-user licenses are like any other software license. A Basic User license is ideal for small segment users who use SMS-Magic for messaging capability and automation.

While Power-user license holders can use all features available under the Basic User license in addition to accessing the Converse Desk, the advanced compliance with consent specific to content types and double Opt-in to meet regulatory compliance.

7. Do you have a minimum number of users?

Yes, the Start Plan provides licenses to 1 user and the Grow Plan provides licenses to 3 users.

Additional new user licenses can be purchased from add-ons journey on pricing page.

8. How much does a text message cost to send?

The cost of a text message varies by country, due to the different prices for messaging across different carriers. You can click here to see costs of text messages in various countries.

9. Do the message credits I purchase, have an expiration date?

No. There is no expiry date for message credits that you purchase. You can use your credits throughout the year. Balance credits at the end of the year will be carried forward to the next year.

10. How many credits do you charge to send an MMS message?

We charge 4 message credits per MMS message.

Note: MMS messages are only available in Australia and USA as of 2018.

11. How are credits deducted for multiple countries?

Let’s say you’re sending a message blast to customers in five countries. Each message will be charged based on the message cost for that specific country, as shown in Q8 above.

12. When I use merge fields, how do I know how many credits will be consumed?

A user or admin will see the number of credits that will be consumed when you add a merge field to a message.

13. How does the free trial work?

SMS-Magic free trial is available for 7 business days for Start and Grow plans.

14. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by credit card, wire transfer/ACH, and check.

15. Can we pay monthly or quarterly?

Yes, You can initiate payments for a monthly or annual plan as per your requirements from our pricing page.

16. Do we have to pay for additional message credits?

Yes, you have to pay for additional credits, as described above in Q8.

17. How do I buy additional credits?

Visit Recharge your SMS-Magic Solution to buy additional message credits.

Visit pricing page to buy additional message credits.

18. Do you have an auto-recharge option?

Yes, we do have the auto-recharge option. Simply share your credit card information and we’ll automatically recharge message credits you stipulate when you agree to the automated recharge option. Contact care@sms-magic.com to enable this feature.

19. Do we have to pay for additional phone numbers?

Yes, Each additional phone number has a cost associated with it, based on the carrier cost and country. Check details here.

20. How do I buy a short code or a long code?

To buy a shortcode, send an email to sales@sms-magic.com and speak with our rep. Long codes may be purchased on our website from here.

21. Can I add users mid-year? How would I be billed?

Yes. Use of messaging tends to grow as your team experiences its powerful value. That’s why we make it easy for you to add users any time you want. Simply add a user and we’ll bill you on a pro-rated annual basis.

22. Is there a time limit for a custom agreement?

No. Your remaining credits will always be carried forward to the next year.

23. Is there any discount for annual payments?

Yes, there is a 16% discount on annual billing from website checkout. In addition, more discounts are offered based on the volume of user licenses and message credits.

24. Do you offer multi-year contracts?

Yes, we do offer multi-year contracts. We also offer discounts on such offers.

25. Are your prices inclusive of taxes?

Yes, all of our prices are inclusive of taxes, except in India, where GST is added.

26. What’s your cancellation policy?

For cancellations within 3 days of your initial implementation, you get a full refund. Beyond three days, we require one month’s notice before canceling your account. Here are our complete terms and conditions.

27. Do you offer discounts for non-profit organizations?

Yes, we offer discounts for non-profit organizations. Discounts can be discussed with your SMS-Magic representative. Contact sales@sms-magic.com to learn more.

28. Can we send out messages to different countries? How does costing work?

Yes, you can send messages to multiple countries, however, you will need to make sure the country code is prefixed to the mobile numbers. Credits will be deducted as per rates prevailing in the recipient countries. Check sms rates here.

29. How can we add SMS credits on our own if we have subscribed to SMS-Magic app?

Use the following link to top-up you credits : https://app.sms-magic.com/pricing/topup.

Log in to SMS-Magic portal and click on Balance Available on the top right corner.

Important Announcement!

URGENT! Please register the 10-digit business phone number (e.g. 555-555-5555) that your organization uses to send texts to consumers in the U.S. Failure to register may cause heavy penalties and disruption to all your text messaging communications.