88. How to Check if necessary permission is given to the Guest User to enable them to trigger SMS on Jungo Lead creation?

Follow the below steps to troubleshoot the issue when a user with a ‘Guest User’ license creates Jungo Leads and tries to trigger SMS but the SMS sending fails:

  1. Check if the task is getting created on lead creation. If the task is not getting created, check the XML configuration and the workflow rule, also check if the process builder is configured correctly. Also, check that the rule is active and the record qualifies all the criteria mentioned in the rule for the action to be triggered.
  2. If the task is getting created and still the SMS is not sent, follow these steps: Check object level permission- We need to check if the Guest user has object level permission on Jungo Leads. In order to grant object level permission to Guest User for Jungo Leads object, please follow these steps:
    1. Login with subscriber access of the System Administrator.
    2. Click on Setup and type Users in Quick Find/Search.
    3. Click on the Username of the Guest User and select his Profile.
    4. Click Edit on the Profile and scroll down to the Custom Object Permissions section.
    5. Grant Read, Create, and Edit permission on Jungo Leads object on the profile and Save. To check if this permission is enabled on the profile, we can provide the customer with the following snippet and ask them to run the snippet in the workbench to see if the user has object-level access: DescribeSObjectResult result = Schema.getGlobalDescribe().get(‘<Put Object Name Here>’).getDescribe(); System.debug(‘Object Accessible:’+result.isAccessible()); System.debug(‘Object Createable:’+result.isCreateable()); System.debug(‘Object Updateable:’+result.isUpdateable()); System.debug(‘Object Deleteable:’+result.isDeletable()); for (Schema.Sobjectfield obj : result.fields.getMap().values()) { Schema.DescribeFieldResult fldResult = obj.getDescribe(); System.debug(‘Field Name:’+fldResult.getLabel()+’;\tField Accessible:’+fldResult.isAccessible()+’;\tField Createable:’+fldResult.isCreateable()+’;\tField Updateable:’+fldResult.isUpdateable()); }

      Check Field Level Permission- Check whether the Guest User has access to all the fields on Jungo Leads object. We can check Field level permissions by following these steps:
      1. Click on Setup and type Users in Quick Find/Search
      2. Click on the Username of the Guest User and select the Profile of that user.
      3. On the Profile, scroll down to the Field-Level Security section and click on View next to Jungo Leads object.
      4. Click on the Edit button and grant Edit Access to all the fields wherever applicable. Read Access will be granted by default on system generated and formula fields.
      5. Click on Save Check Record Level Permission- We also need to check whether the Guest user has record level accessibility for a particular Jungo Lead record. In order to check this permission, we need to check Sharing Settings for Jungo Leads in the Org. If the Sharing Setting is set to Private then we need to create a Jungo Lead sharing rule in order to grant access to the user.

        Following are the steps to create a Sharing rule on Jungo Leads:
        1. Click Setup and type Public Groups in Quick Find/Search.
        2. Create a new Public Group which consists of the Guest User so that we can share records with this Public group.
        3. Once the group is created, Go to Sharing Setting and scroll down to Jungo Leads Sharing Rules section.
        4. Click on New to create a new sharing rule and enter the criteria for sharing records with the Guest User.
        5. Click on Save and the sharing settings of the Org will be recalculated.

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