Version 1.50

Patch 1.50.2


While scheduling bulk messages , the date being displayed on  the interface displayed the correct date irrespective of the machine date.
The fix replaced the Javascript date object with Salesforce standard date as given by the component.

Modified query to suit the requirements of the client’s large dataset.
Fixed critical bugs

Bug fixes

  • SMI-2894 – While scheduling bulk messages, the date being displayed was incorrect.
    A possible explanation for this was that the query being run used a Javascript Date object to get a date from a string. This date was based on machine time. 
  • Changed the query for Conversation without modifying the logic.
  • Verified URL changes.

Patch 1.50.3


Fixed SOSL issue for large lead count

Bug fixes

SMI- 3036 – Make the find query selective in current release

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