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Configuration Steps

Portal administrators can configure the settings in URL Shortening features using the SMS setting tab.

  • Click on the ‘Link Configuration’ the following page will appear:
Link configuration

Follow the steps below to configure the URL Shortening Settings:

  1. Select a ‘Provider’ from the drop-down list:
Provider dropdown
  1. Select a ‘Domain’ from the drop-down list:
Select domain
  1. The expiry period for the shortened links needs to be set in the setting page for respective features: Interactive Messages’, ‘Bulk Messages’, and ‘Automated Messages’. 
1. To use the URL Shortening and Tracking feature, it must be first enabled for your account
2. The Workspace ID is a predefined field

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Important Announcement!

URGENT! Please register the 10-digit business phone number (e.g. 555-555-5555) that your organization uses to send texts to consumers in the U.S. Failure to register may cause heavy penalties and disruption to all your text messaging communications.