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Create Webhooks

A webhooks gives you the ability to communicate with a 3rd-party application by sending an instant web notification every time an event occurs.

Follow these steps to create a webhook:

  1. In Zoho CRM, go to Setup and click on the ‘Actions’ sub-section in the Automation section 
  1. Go to Webhooks and click on the Configure Webhook button 
  1. Complete the New Webhook form:
    • Name: Type a name for the webhook
    • URL to Notify:

Here is the URL you can use based on your data center-
US > https://api.sms-magic.com/v1/zoho/webhook

EU > https://eu.api.sms-magic.com/v1/zoho/webhook

AUS > https://aus-api.sms-magic.com/v1/zoho/webhook

  1. Method: Select POST
    • Description: Briefly state the purpose of the webhook
    • Module: Select the module for which you want to Automate and ensure it matches with the module chosen in the JSON Payload.
New Webhook Form
  • URL Parameters: Click on the Add Parameter under User Defined Format. Enter the Parameter Name = text. For the Description, copy and paste the JSON payload configuration that you saved in the Generate JSON step above. 
URL Parameters
  1. Click on the Save button and your webhook is now ready to be used in a Workflow rule.
Webhook Details

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