Q.1. What is the difference between the LINE provider and the LINE channel?

Ans:- The LINE provider is the entity that offers the app for your channel. For example, you can use your own name or the name of your company or business as the provider. You can create providers in the LINE Developers Console.

The LINE Channel is a communication path for using the functions provided by the LINE Platform in the services developed by the provider. You can create channels in the LINE Developers Console. Channels must have a name, description, and icon image.

Q.2. What is a LINE user ID?

Ans:- It is a unique identifier for users. Note that the user ID is only unique to an individual provider. The same LINE user will have a different user ID for different providers

  • The value is generated by the LINE Platform, not by a user 
  • This is different from the LINE ID on LINE used to search for friends
  • Different user IDs are generated based on the provider of the channel 
  • As long as channels have the same provider, regardless of whether the channel is for LINE Login or Messaging API, the same user ID is used for the users of the channels
  • The user ID value is a string that matches the regular expression, U[0-9a-f]{32}

Q.3. How many channels can I create?

Ans:- LINE Developers Console allows developers to create up to 100 channels per provider.

Q.4. Does SMS-Magic Converse support send messages on LINE using Media Message Templates, Carousel, button templates?

Ans:- Right now, we only support free text messages, text templates, and media messages. We do not support Media Message Templates, Carousel templates, and button templates. But it is in our roadmap. We will update you once we start supporting it.

Q.5. Does SMS-Magic support language translation of LINE templates used for sending messages internationally?

Ans:- SMS-Magic, as well as LINE, do not take care of language translation. You will have to format messages into respective languages before using them via SMS-Magic.

Q.6. What is the maximum MMS file size supported for LINE Messaging?

Ans:- Maximum media file size supported over Line is 1 MB. We support only media messages of type Image, Video, and Audio, etc.

Q.7. How do I get to know the delivery status of a message sent on LINE?

Ans:- LINE only provides read receipts inside the LINE Official Account Chat Console. This information is not provided to business messaging platforms connected via API. So you won’t be able to know the delivery status of messages sent via SMS-Magic.

Q.8 Will we be able to initiate an outgoing message to an unknown subscriber via LINE?

Ans:- No. You can only initiate an outgoing message via LINE in response to a user-initiated message to your LINE business channel.

Q.9 Is office hours/Business hours configured at the account level applicable for messages sent on the LINE  channel?

Ans:- No, it will not be applicable.

Q.10 Is LINE messaging supported from Non-UI sources such as Web service, APEX API, Workflow, Email to text?

Ans:- Yes it is supported. You can check more details on this in the SMS-Magic developer’s guide.

Q.11 Can we schedule LINE messages?

Ans:- Yes.

Q 12. Is there any file size limit applicable for receiving incoming Media Messages over LINE?

Ans:- No. You will be able to receive incoming Media messages over LINE of any size.

Q 13. Do we support broadcast messaging and narrowcast messaging over LINE?

Ans:- No. Right now we do not support broadcast messaging and narrowcast messaging. But it is in our roadmap. We will update you once we start supporting it.

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