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Trigger a Message Flow from Flows

Using the Action Key generated for each message in a message flow, you can trigger further messages from Flows. The triggering of the messages is based on certain criteria and conditions.

For each message created in the message flow, a unique Action Key is generated. The action key is necessary to trigger messages from the Flows. The action key appears as shown:

Create Converse App

To trigger a message automation flow from Flows, you must first create a Converse App.

To create the Converse App, follow the steps mentioned in the ‘Create a New Converse App‘ section.

Create an Automation Message Flow

The next step is to create an automation message flow. For creating an automation message flow, follow the steps mentioned in the ‘Create a Message Flow‘ section.

Note: Here (in Create a Message Flow section), in Step no. 9 – Select the action trigger in the Message Flow Trigger field, you need to select the action trigger as ‘Flow’.

Trigger Message Flow from Flows

  • Click  on the Salesforce navigation on the top right and then click Setup
  • Select ‘Flows’ by using the Search Setup field, or by using the Quick Find search field, or by selecting Platform Tools > Process Automation > Flows.
  • Click on the Flows option as highlighted in the image above. the following page will appear:
  • Click on the New Flow button, and the following page will appear:
  • Here, you will get many flow template options to select from. As per your requirement, select the right type of flow to continue. For instance, select the ‘Record-Triggered Flow’ and click on Create button.

Here, consider an example when a customer wants to trigger an automated message when a record is created, updated, or deleted. Enter Object as Lead, select trigger option as ‘A record is created’, and click on the ‘Done’ button to proceed.

  • Once the object is created, you need to define the elements. Click on the plus sign in the flow as shown above. The following elements will appear:
  • Select the Create Records element to create records. The following page will appear:
  • Select the method in which you want to set the record fields.
  • In the Object field, mention as ‘Converse App Task’. 
  • In the next section, you need to set field values for the converse app task.
  • You can add more fields by clicking on the ‘Add Field’ button. 
  • Add the required criteria in the flow and click on the ‘Save’ button
  • Click on Run to test the flow
  • Click on Activate to activate the message flow

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