Permission Management Overview 1.59

In the Permission Management section, you can see what permissions are set for the user’s organization. The permissions are set so that there is access control for users of the Salesforce Org interacting with SMS-Magic Converse.

Permission are of the following categories:

  • Permission Sets
  • Custom Permissions

The Permission Sets are preset by SMS-Magic while the Custom Permissions are customized permissions based on the requirements of the user’s organization.

For users to access various features and functions of SMS-Magic Converse the Admin defines a set of configurations. These permission sets can be found in the user’s profiles.

Users can have only one profile but can have multiple permission sets depending on the Salesforce edition. As the Admin, you can assign permission sets to various types of users, regardless of their profiles.

You can assign the following permission sets to users:

SMS Converse Conversation UserThe permission enables user to send messages, using SMS-Magic Converse.
SMS Converse Template AuthorThe permission enables a user to edit and create a SMS template, using SMS-Magic Converse.
SMS Converse Permission SetThe permission is the superset of the other two permission sets. This set allows for administrators to access all objects and fields in SMS-Magic Converse.

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